April 23, 2021

Milwaukee Art Museum

Consider a day trip to Milwaukee to see the awe-inspiring Quadracci Pavilion, the Santiago Calatrava addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum. On approach, the building shimmers like a giant white bird on the edge of Lake Michigan, the avian theme reinforced as the 217-foot wingspan unfolds twice daily. The Reiman Bridge provides a dramatic entryway to Windhover Hall, a 90-foot-high vaulted glass ceiling space where patrons buy tickets and decide their destinations. This is cutting edge architecture from the sweeping views to the Escher-like corridors to the clean lines of the ground floor cafe and terrace.
Don’t miss the old area of the museum where treasures await, from furniture to masterpieces from every era. Of particular note is the Mrs. Harry L. Bradley Collection, a whole floor of American and European masterpieces from the late 19th century to the early 1970’s. Mrs. Bradley had her own dining and living rooms set up in the museum so she could entertain guests amid her donated possessions.

Milwaukee Art Museum, 700 N. Art Museum Drive,
 Milwaukee, WI 53202
414-224-3200: visitor services     http://www.mam.org/visit/

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