April 21, 2021

Lady Gregory’s of Andersonville

At first glance, Lady Gregory’s, a new addition to the Andersonville restaurant scene is an Irish pub with bar food, but the menu lets you know this is no run of the mill list of fried foods. In fact, they bill themselves as a gastropub, the current buzzword in the foodie world. Being a vegetable lover, I was tickled to see side dishes such as cauliflower, beets with goat cheese and sweet potatoes. I ordered a moist broiled salmon entree that came with brussel sprouts that will convert haters of that vegetable.

Intriguing menu items for future visits include the Amish Blue Chips with truffle oil and blue cheese, bourbon-pistachio pate, Guinness shepherd’s pie and the Gastro Burger with fried onions and roasted tomato. Being allergic to shellfish, I shall let my husband enjoy the lobster mac and cheese, one of the restaurant’s bestsellers.

Before opening, Lady Gregory’s had a fire in March which gave new meaning to the term “char-broiled,” but there is no evidence of the previous damage. I’m not a whiskey drinker, but they supposedly carry 300 different varieties of that hard liquor plus 100 beer varieties including one called Banana Bread beer. This should give Hopleaf down the street a run for its money. Sidewalk dining provides fun people-watching.

5260 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60640-2102
(773) 271-5050

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