May 9, 2021

Remembering Peter Falk

Peter Falk’s recent passing made me think of his visits to Convito Italiano, the long-gone* and charming Chicago restaurant at Chestnut and State at which I played (ahem) some years back. As luck would have it, Paul Newman was dining the night that Mr. Falk arrived. Falk, in town for a live theater performance, did indeed have poor eye sight and was trying to see if this was really his friend Newman in the dining room. Our manager had been an Australian cattle dog of sorts for errant fans trying to disturb celebrity diners so he initially tried to shepherd Falk away from Newman until it became obvious that they did indeed know one another.

Falk returned an hour after his dinner, wearing a rumpled coat, displaying the absent-minded demeanor of his Columbo character as he tried to find a misplaced play script. He was truly a courteous, lovable man, but I kept expecting him to uncover some crime heretofore undetected. And one final question: Peter, did you ever find that play script?

For continuation of the Convito story with Paul Newman Click Here.

*I should also note that there is still the wonderful original Convito Italiano restaurant at Plaza del Lago in Wilmette.
1515 Sheridan Rd # 24
Wilmette, IL 60091-1828
(847) 251-3654



  1. daniel b german says

    A really neat story about two great people.

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