March 4, 2021

Girlie World Summer Television

All you “Gilmore Girls” fans may like ABC Family Channel’s TV series, “Switched At Birth” which premiered this summer but is now available on netflix instant viewing. Two girls are accidentally sent home to the wrong families as infants. Speed ahead 17 years when the economically different families discover the mistake. As an added layer, one of the girls is deaf and many of the characters use sign language to communicate. Oscar winner Marlee Matlin plays a friend of the mother of Puerto Rican heritage depicted by Constance Marie. Lea Thompson plays the wealthy WASP mom. Katie Leclerc and Vanessa Marano play the daughters with equal parts comedy and great sensitivity. Blonde cutie, Sean Berdy as Emmett, a deaf actor himself becomes involved with both girls in the program. Last seen in “Friday Night Lights,” D. W. Moffett plays the successful father and husband to Thompson. Chicago actor and sign language expert Paul Raci has a one episode role. This engaging first season is 10 hour long episodes.

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