April 23, 2021

DVD Beat: “The Tourist vs. Anthony Zimmer”

I rented “The Tourist” because of its beautiful cinematography of Venice, but had to give it a one star (out of a possible 5). The scenery was not enough to compensate for a bad execution of a potentially good plot.

It was with delight that I found the original French version, “Anthony Zimmer”, written and directed by Jerome Salle, now available on netflix instant viewing. Set on the southern coast of France near Nice, this version is clever, taut and finely made. Sophie Marceau and Yvan Attal may not have the international star power of Jolie and Depp, but they deliver the acting goods. As an added benefit, the film score by Frederic Talgorn is deliciously reminiscent of the old Hitchcock sound tracks of Bernard Herrmann and the like.  As a final ironic note, the original French version was a box office flop while the negatively reviewed “The Tourist” was deemed successful in its public release. Excuse me while I make separate lists of movies in which Johnny and Angelina really shine.

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