March 4, 2021

Hugo in 3D

I see very few movies in theaters these days, but Martin Scorsese’s movie, “Hugo” in 3D may have drawn me back to the group viewing experience. Wow. What a visual difference the glasses make!

The movie is based on a popular book “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” about an orphan who sets the clocks in a Paris train station. The boy’s story line may be fiction, but the character arc of Georges Melies, one of the pioneers of film is based on real fact. He was given a career retrospective at Salle Pleyel in Paris after having spent years in virtual eclipse running a toy and candy shop.

I was engaged with the story, but the use of three dimensional imaging was the real delight for me. A vicious Doberman feels like he is in front of your face. When Hugo is on a high ledge, I felt vertigo. Paris panoramas make you feel you are looking out a window with the incredible sensation of depth. Trailers for 3D versions of “Titanic,” “Beauty and the Beast” and “Star Wars” whetted my appetite for more three dimensional viewing. Can “Blade Runner” in 3D be far behind?!


  1. Steve Robinson says

    I LOVED Hugo!

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