April 23, 2021

TED.com makes you smarter

Thanks to friend Jerry Nerburn for recommending TED.com, a brilliant web site that features talks on a variety of topics, from architecture to medicine, to politics to environment. TED bills itself as an organization that presents “ideas worth spreading” and presents flesh and blood events and conferences throughout the year. If you have a spare $6,000, you could attend a global conference in Edinburgh, Scotland with the title “Radical Openness.”

There’s even an option on the web site to allow them to surprise you with talks, you choosing how many minutes you want to spend and what adjective describes what you are looking for: jaw-dropping, beautiful, inspiring, etc.

TED talks are now available on NETFLIX with package headings such as “Smart Laughs,”Defying Disease,” “Space Trek,” and “Crime and Punishment.” Just ten minutes will make you smarter!

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