March 4, 2021

Whiskey-voiced troubadours Waits and Cohen


If you like pear-shaped tones and easy-listening music, do NOT buy Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen’s latest recordings. If, however, you have been a fan of either troubadour, you will want to check out where their musical journeys have taken them in “Bad As Me” from Waits and ”New Album, Old Ideas from Cohen. The Waits’ recording reminds me of heavy metal throw-downs with walls of sound couching his signature basement voice. Cohen also has that subterranean vocal sound going on, but his song settings are much easier to listen to, with strings, back-up singers and organ. Waits now in his 60’s and Cohen in his 70’s, do not show signs of slowing down anytime soon, either with writing or performing. Here’s hoping both are around to provoke, beguile and inform us for years to come.

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