March 5, 2021

If you’re still drinking Moo Juice: Kalona Dairy Products

Have you spotted Kalona dairy products in your grocery store? Text on the distinctive plastic milk container is most informative. When they say: Super Natural Organic Milk with Cream Top, they weren’t kidding. Because the milk is not homogenized, the higher fat content versions have visible cream on top that can be mixed into your coffee or stirred back into the milk.

The milk comes from small family farms with an average 35 cows on 90 acres of land. It is also pasteurized at the lowest possible temperature so the milk is ostensibly fresher. It sure tastes that way. As another “green” selling point, the cows are grass fed.  The products are a little more expensive, but worth it in my estimation. This milk reminds me of the straight-from-the-cow beverage I used to get at my great-grandparents home in Nebraska.

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