April 21, 2021

“Braquo” on Hulu

Although Hulu has been dragging its feet in getting many acclaimed foreign television shows, they just got a gold star from me for finally featuring “Braquo,” a French TV crime drama that is reminiscent of both “The Shield” and “The Wire.” A tight-knit team of flics (French cops) straddle the line between being the good guys and the bad in this heart-pumping show involving drug lords, murder, corruption and cringe-inducing torture. Unlike Netflix who made all of the episodes of “House of Cards” immediately available, Hulu is making the viewers wait for one new “Braquo” installment every Tuesday, torture of a gentler variety.


  1. Manny Singh says

    this show very much reminds me of the wire and is also excellent. Time to get stuck into season 2!

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