March 4, 2021

“House of Cards” on Netflix

Netflix gets further involved with producing its own streaming content by unveiling “House of Cards,” a 13 episode series starring a devilishly good Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as his coldly calculating wife. Netflix has wisely offered all of the episodes at once so one need not wait with bated breath for the next plot twist.

Six different top-notch directors each helm two or three episodes, including David Fincher of “Fight Club” and “The Social Network” fame.

If you like this show, you may want to check out the original inspiration, the 1990 BBC-produced four episode series of the same name, also available on Netflix.

Rick Cleveland, whose name some may recognize from the Chicago theater scene, is one of a handful of brilliant writers who have successfully re-crafted the setting from the British Parliament to the U. S. Congress. This is “The West Wing” with very sharp teeth.

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