April 23, 2021

Sean Masterson’s Magic Matinee

If you like magic, and who doesn’t, do yourself a favor and get a ticket for Sean Masterson’s Magic Matinee running every Saturday at 2 PM through May 4 at Theater Wit, 1229 W. Belmont. Just over an hour, the vaudeville-type show is geared for fans of sleight-of-hand and for families as the inimitable Masterson invites selected children and adults to help with his feats of legerdemain. I was unwittingly asked to aid in one of the magic acts and I still can’t figure out how he did what he did even though I was right there.
A prestidigious master on the Chicago scene, Masterson has performed his shows at The Mayne Stage, The Music Box Theatre, The Actor’s Gym, The Acorn Theater and the Driehaus Museum. A dual citizen of the United States and France, Sean has also appeared in Festimagic in Paris and The International Theater Festival in Grenoble.

Theater Wit, 1229 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL
For tickets and info: https://www.theaterwit.org/tickets/productions/127/performances#top or call (773) 975-8150

Saturdays at 2 PM through May 4th
$13 for children – $16 for adults
For more information on Sean Masterson, visit: mastersonmagic.com

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