April 23, 2021

“The Book of Mormon” converts Chicago

Good thing that “The Book of Mormon” just extended their Chicago run through next September because theater-goers will want to snag a ticket to this polished production of the Tony award winning musical. More than one milling crowd member said they had seen the show on Broadway, much preferring this Chicago production.

A disclaimer is necessary: this is not “My Fair Lady” or even “Rent.” Four letter words of all ilk are sung and spoken with glee. Religion and politics, usually topics to avoid in mixed company, are bandied about with abandon. The singing and choreography delight, especially the Mormon boy crew in their white short-sleeved shirts, black pants and nerdly name tags. In fact, I saw more than one audience member attired similarly in homage. Normally, the phrase “maggots in my scrotum” would not induce laughter in me, but I must guiltily admit that I did laugh. I guess you had to be there. And you will. Just leave your easily offended sensibilities at home.

Bank of American Theater, 18 W. Monroe St., Chicago, IL 60603


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