March 5, 2021

Orange Is the New Black on Netflix

Netflix is steaming ahead with its original programming, adding “Orange Is the New Black” to their catalogue. Created by “Weeds” creator ” Jenji Kohan, “Orange” is based on the real-life memoir of Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who is sentenced to a 15 month prison term when she is caught transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend. Taylor Schilling is quite good as the white-bread, educated girl who winds up in jail, but it is the ensemble that really makes this series sing.

Pablo Schreiber (half-brother to Liev) plays a most despicable prison guard, Kate Mulgrew is cast as a Russian convict who runs the prison kitchen, Laura Prepon plays the aforementioned girlfriend and Jason Biggs of “American Pie” fame plays Piper’s bewildered fiancee. The inmates are a kaleidoscope of characters; “Crazy Eyes,” played by Uzo Aduba, a woman who decides Piper is going to be her new prison wife, Taryn Manning portraying a Bible-banging red-neck named “Pennsatucky,” and Michelle Hurst cast as Miss Claudette, Piper’s roommate, among others. The show explores issues of race, gender, religion and morality, but in a most entertainly subversive way. May there be a Season 2, and soon.

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