April 23, 2021

Jack Frost nipping at your toes?

Warm weather state residents need read no further. This is for people who are irked by Jack Frost nipping at their toes. Annually, I dread below zero temperatures that find me scurrying to find the warmest gloves and socks. Although, I love my WigWams and my Smart Wool footwear, my new favorite brand of winter sock is made by Heat Holders. Reading the packaging helps explain why these socks are so darn toasty. Long looped thermal pile on the outside and soft brushed inner fibers allow more warm air to be held in the sock along with advanced insulating yarn that provides high performance insulation and superior wicking abilities. The Heat Holders site features men’s and women’s versions of socks and slippers in predominantly black and charcoal. You Californians and Floridians won’t know what you’re missing – unless you are skiers!


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