April 23, 2021

Babbel.com for the world citizen in us all

Interested in brushing up your Spanish or starting French or German from the ground up?  I have been checking out an internet languague learning program called Babbel.com and I can say that the lessons are fun, effective and addictive. There’s even a voice recognition function that allows you to emulate the native speakers.

As you get further into a language, the program grades your pronunciation by percentage. The beginning phrases allow you to have basic conversations. The program then keeps adding new words and phrases that quickly build a basic understanding of the language. Grammar points are clearly defined and examples are given. Images and sound clips support new vocabulary retention.

If only this program had been available in my undergrad days when I was struggling with Deutsch! Rates may vary, but my monthly bill comes out to $5.50 for unlimited use of lessons for my chosen language. Choose from 12 different European languages. Bonne chance!



  1. Dear Lovely Elizabeth,

    I am anxious to hear you sing classical again and hope all is well.

    I have a little picture of you up among my gallery of close friends and think warmly of you.

    I have been reading Debussy’s letter recently. I highly recommend them as his style of writing is so distinctive and poetic. He is a complex man and his letters are almost always highly revealing of his inner self. He could be a real cad, especially to the women in his life, but he also seems to have a deeply warm side. He is extremely intelligent. Also reading two books on the Erich Von Korngold…check out his songs, they are terrific!

    What is this babbel.com place? Who blogs here?

    Hope to see you soon.

    Your good friend, Robert

  2. Nora Doyle Stafford says

    This looks like a cool site. I will check it out!
    Sista Nora

  3. Dear Elizabeth,

    I missed your last classical concert but would love to hear a tape of it
    and get together for coffee or something interesting. I am on TV in
    “Our City, Our Shakespeare” very briefly, again on Sunday May 4th at 5:30 and
    Monday May 5th at 4:30. All in 45 glorious seconds of which I am
    only a part. But it is good show. Let’s catch up soon.
    We are doing the Shakespeare show again in November
    out at The EAG Gallery in the Elmhurst Art Museum.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Your good friend, Robert

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