April 21, 2021

Flipboard, a new way to get your news fix

A hairdresser clued me in to Flipboard, a compendium of news stories from various global traditional and alternative news sources which you access from an application on your ipad and iphone or your smart phone and smart tablet. You literally flip the pages like an old-fashioned magazine. Articles might be from Time or Forbes magazines, the Huffington Post, the New York Times or alternative sites like The Verge, The Next Web or techcrunch.com.

You can check out the latest news, catch up on all of the latest tech buzz, peruse gorgeous curated photos or discover recipes from Bon Appetit. Flipboard can be used to access solely hard news or to meander through the trivial and entertaining to your heart’s content. You never know where your flips and clicks might land you. Choosing “#MagsWeLove,” which Flipboard bills as reader-created magazines, I found “Classicalite Digest,” by Logan K. Young which features news and commentary on Classical Music, Jazz, Theater and Dance. From his magazine, I discovered that the group Pink Martini will sing a song with the great-grand-children von Trapp family members on March 7 at Chicago’s Symphony Center.
Using the search button, I happened across an article entitled “18 Easy Paleo Diet Recipes” and was intrigued by a dish called Menemen with eggs, tomato, green pepper, onion and spices. Yum.
You can save stories into your own magazines, tweet what you read to others or subscribe to certain categories which is all beyond me right now. Just let me go to the “Eye Candy” section of the Photo genre one more time!
Flipboard is a free application in the Apple or Windows Stores, Blackberry World or Google play.

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