March 5, 2021

MHz is now streaming!

Finally, MHz Worldview has streaming options on its web site! For those of you unfamiliar with this global TV company, their programming could be found for years on public TV stations with foreign TV episodes of all types, but they were especially noted for their foreign crime drama selections including Montalbano, Borgen, Spiral and Brunetti. You could either watch the shows on a local public TV station in a haphazard fashion, or buy the relatively expensive DVDs from them for each program series.

Now you can watch their on-line live channel with crime drama being featured most evenings.
Please consult their TV schedule and plug in your time zone to determine when to catch the live episodes.  A second web site feature allows you to watch seven full episodes anytime with periodic rotation of new material. I can recommend the Swedish Wallander episode 
“The Troubled Man” and Unni Lindell’s “The Honey Trap” from Norway now available on the site.

I found this helpful guide to MHz’s list of Foreign Crime Drama:

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