April 23, 2021

Norwegian By Night, a crime novel worth reading

Someone who reads my blog posts on Foreign Crime TV sent me a book recommendation which I now pass along to you other readers. “Norwegian By Night” by Derek B. Miller is by strict definition a crime novel, but it has literary merit as well. Sheldon Horowitz, an 82 year old Jew from New York moves to Norway to be near his granddaughter who has married a Norwegian. He is the proverbial gefilte fish out-of-water. The recent widower reminisces about his time as a Marine in Korea and about his dead son who served in Vietman. An immigrant mother from Kosovo is murdered in front of him and he makes it his business to save her young son. Add Norwegian police inspector Sigrid Odegard following the case and you have the makings of a thriller with more than mere entertainment in its pages. The book is a meditation on aging, parenthood, the Norwegian response to the Nazis during World War II and one man’s experience moving to an entirely different culture than his own.

Norwegian By Night by Derek B. Miller

Published by Mariner Books

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