April 21, 2021

Rose and the Rime at House Theatre


My husband and I braved a blizzard to make it to House Theatre’s production of “Rose and the Rime” leaving the real stuff outside for confetti snow in the warm confines of Chopin Theater.
We knew this was going to be an inventive evening from the outset. Ushers handed us elaborate programs with a real chocolate coin inside; cast members garbed in futuristic looking white snow suits wandered around the theater; children romped in the fake snow on stage. The cute-as-a-button heroine appears in an eye-catching yellow coat as she chats with white rabbit puppets handled by the afore-mentioned white-suited ensemble members.

Yes, this is family-friendly, but the story and staging operate on several levels. There were older children present, but there were also conservative theater-going couples as well as groups of hipster artist-types.
The story is a basic fable, but the visuals are what make this production worth seeing.  Rose’s sled ride through a snowstorm, her walk through a wolf-infested forest and her visit to a black-robed and airborne witch are scenes that stick with you long after the play has finished. Although this is not a musical, there is some lovely singing and dancing with a fair amount of acrobatic feats. The 80 minute program without intermission never bores. Hats off to director Nathan Allen who is also House Theatre’s Artistic Director.
If you want to be reminded of how magical theater can be without a lot of electronic gadgetry, I invite you to see this show before it closes on March 23. I was so impressed with House Theatre’s ingenuity that I would gladly see their next productions.

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