April 23, 2021

Vikings on Amazon Prime and Hulu

My brother and his wife have been watching “Vikings” on the History channel,  due in
no small part because my sister-in-law is of Norwegian heritage. As I am also married to
someone who still has cousins in Norway, I decided to check out this series. The first
episode is actually ripped out of a medieval history book depicting the very bloody raid
of Lindisfarne in 793. It wasn’t until the second episode that I got invested in the characters and decided this was a series I could watch and recommend.

Travis Fimmel, another one of those hunky Aussie actors plays the lead, the Viking Ragnar Lodbrok. The estimable actor Gabriel Byrne plays a Norse nobleman along with actress Jessalyn Gilsig as his scheming wife.. The program reminds me of the Starz series “Spartacus,” another TV show that fed the viewer its history with lots of sex and violence along with good acting, script-writing and cinematography.  The scenery makes me want to book a flight to view northern fjords pronto. Good thing that current day Scandinavians are much more civilized than their savage and plundering forebears.

You can watch Season 1 as an Amazon Prime Video member. The first few episodes of Season 2 are available on Hulu Plus.

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