March 5, 2021

Music App Happy

Whether you are a stone-cold music professional or have a passion for making music in your spare time, here are some phone or tablet apps that may make your musical life a little more effective. Btw, I plan to do a blog post on electronic sheet music in the near future.

Pocket Piano HD is a free application that turns your electronic device into a little keyboard. You won’t be playing any concertos, but if you need to learn a vocal part or check out an instrumental line, this may be just the ticket for you. It has a lot of bells and whistles that I haven’t used, but the app is great for practicing or memorizing on the go.

Pro Metronome is another gratis application with the ability to play numbered tempi, but also accent downbeats, change time signatures and or determine the numbered tempo you tap into the app.

While you can get pitches from Pocket Piano, for live singing especially for groups, I like Pitch Pipe, a free app which gives you a saxophone-like sound to orient your singing. You can even practice intervals using the C or F pitch pipe chord tones.

I’m a firm believer in practicing for set amounts of time, like five minutes on that pesky measure at the end whatever. Timer+ allows you to set anything from a few seconds to 23 hours on this free app. (I also use the app for non-musical things like laundry and exercise.)  You can even determine what sound you get when your time is up, like boxing bell, harp, elephant or just a simple beep. “Charge” with a trumpet works for me.

Pocket Piano HD, Pro Metronome, Pitch Pipe and Timer+ are all available for free in the Apple app store. None of the company logos were available for inclusion in this blog post. Sorry.

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