April 21, 2021

Tony Songs on Spotify

                                   “Bullets Over Broadway”

I run hot and cold on Spotify, the internet music streaming site. As an artist, I receive less than a penny for downloads of my music, but as a listener, it is up there with youtube for discovering new music and communing with old favorites.

With my consumer hat on, I ran across a nifty little selection of music from this past season’s Broadway musicals brought to you by none other than Spotify. It’s a veritable mixed bag of musical styles: the Disney pop of “Aladdin,” the Brill Building panache of Jessie Mueller’s Carole King number, the soaring melodies and harmonies of Jason Robert Brown’s “Bridges of Madison County,” the updated 1920’s numbers from “Bullets Over Broadway” (Zach Braff can really sing!), “Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder’s” operetta inspired score, Idina Menzel’s clarion pop sound from “If/Then” and the mash-up of Russian history with current music in “The Great Comet.” Theater-goers and listeners of every taste and ilk should be able to find something that tickles their fancy.

The nine Broadway song selection on Spotify:


“The Great Comet” (now closed); recording available on Ghostlight Records.

“The Bridges of Madison County” (now closed) recording available on itunes.

“The Great Comet”

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