March 4, 2021

Pop Music: Dental phobia playlist

At a recent dental exam, I heard the dreaded word “cavity” which started my mind down a phobic path of fear and loathing.  It’s not the possibility of pain that sends me into a panic, but the high-pitched sound of the drill. It conjures up memories of Laurence Olivier playing an evil dentist in the movie “Marathon Man.”
I decided to make a fluffy pop music playlist for my ipad so I could attempt to drown out the much-feared noise with ear buds.
Thanks to the alacrity and efficiency of my dentist, Dr. Hilliard Blank, I mercifully got to listen to only two songs. The rest of the music was a reward for enduring the procedure without screaming.

The ten songs are all by female singers including everything from Audra McDonald singing a John Mayer tune, to Linda Eder warbling a country tune, to the pop stylings of the Ditty Bops all the way to K. D. Lang singing the theme song from “Valley of the Dolls.” May you enjoy at least one of the songs in this crazy-quilt assemblage. I have included youtube links so you can check the songs out to see if you want to buy better recordings on itunes or amazon.

“My Stupid Mouth” by John Mayer, sung by Audra McDonald

“Childhood Dreams” by Nelly Furtado

“Stay Now” sung by Jem

“The Dress” by Scott Alan, sung by Randy Graff

“Always” by Scott Alan, sung by Sutton Foster

“Ding Dong” by Nellie McKay

“Let It Go” by Fauxliage

“Lifted” sung Linda Eder

“Wake Up” sung by The Ditty Bops

“Theme from the Valley of the Dolls” by Bacharach and David, sung  by K. D. Lang

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