April 23, 2021

Sara Gruen, Animal Writist

In 2001, Sara Gruen was laid off from her technical writing job and began trying her hand at fiction. Good thing because this dual-citizenship (Canadian and American), animal lover has given us four books that fit nicely on our popular fiction shelf.
“Riding Lessons” and its sequel, “Flying Changes” deal with a woman who was a competitive rider as a teenager but at age 18 had a serious accident that ended her career. The books revisit her 20 years later with her own troubled teen in tow. If you have young female readers who love horses, this may be just the ticket.

Her more adult third novel, “Like Water For Elephants” hit the stratosphere of success being published in 41 languages and was made into a star-studded movie adaptation with Reese Witherspoon, Christoph Waltz and Robert Pattinson. (Her publisher at the time passed on it.) “Ape House,” her most recent work and an Oprah selection, is a fictional account of bonobos monkeys that know American Sign Language.
With light but graceful writing, Gruen takes us into worlds where animals and humans both bond and clash. Perfect for summer reading.

Riding Lessons (Avon Books)
Flying Changes (Avon Books)
Water For Elephants (Two Roads Books)
Ape House (Two Roads Books)

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