April 23, 2021

Sheet Music at Your Fingertips: ForScore

Many of my musician friends are no longer dragging sheet music to gigs, but loading their iPads (or other smart tablet) with their favorite lead sheets, sheet music, set lists or lyric sheets using forScore, a powerful application that allows you to store music documents electronically. You merely convert anything you want into a pdf, send it by email and open it in ForScore. You can sort your music by composer, lyricist, genre or theme for easy retrieval.

Some nice features are your ability to turn up the screen brightness on your iPad settings so you virtually no longer need a piano light. You can annotate your copies with rehearsal notes. My friend Philip raves about his BT Air Turn Pedal which allows you to turn pages hands-free with a tap of your toe on a wireless floor pedal that connects via BlueTooth. My Air Turn Pedal has not worked consistently, so I’m back to swiping the screen to turn pages however. You may have better luck.

I have only scratched the surface of what this powerful software does, but forScore has already made my live music jobs “lighter.” I look forward to checking out my ability to share files from Dropbox, GoogleDrive or other cloud-based storage. For the bargain price of $6.99 from the Apple app store, you too can start a music library that is portable and easily searchable. Gizmodo dubs ForScore a “sheet music machine.” Yes, indeed.

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