April 21, 2021

Belgian Foreign Crime Drama: Salamander

Netflix has been slow to add foreign tv shows, but I do thank them for making the Belgian 12-episode series “Salamander” available for streaming recently. It starts out with a fairly pedestrian and long bank heist scene which almost made me tune out. A cheesy car chase also gave me pause, but then the program started adding layers of crime drama, political intrigue and relationship conflicts. I was hooked!

Belgian actor Filip Peeters plays police inspector Paul Gerardi as he uncovers a link between the bank heist and a secret cabal within the highest echelons of the Belgian government and economy known as “Salamander.” As murder and suicide tallies start to mount, Gerardi and his family find themselves embroiled in the violent plot to cover up secrets and criminal connections. Who sponsored the bank heist? Who can be trusted? The police? The secret security force known as P9? Must he be wary around his friends, his colleagues and even his family? Gerardi must discover the answers to all of these questions before he is permanently silenced. Most of the episodes end with cliff-hangers that will keep you saying “just one more.” You have been binge-forewarned.

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