April 23, 2021

Happy Valley Crime TV series on Netflix

Two noted British actresses do 180-degree character turns as sisters in Netflix/BBC’s original program “Happy Valley.” While Sarah Lancashire played an uptight college prof in “Last Tango in Halifax,” in this crime series, she is seen as tough police sergeant Catherine Cawood, raising her motherless and troubled grandson while fighting the bad guys. Siobhan Finnernan, so memorable as prickly O’Brien in “Downton Abbey,” is cast as her sympathetic sister, Clare Cartwright. The plot thickens as a young thug who raped Cawood’s daughter and sired the afore-mentioned grandson is let out of prison. Actor James Norton creates the very scary psychopathic villain, Tommy Lee Royce. As she surveils Royce, Sergeant Cawood stumbles upon a web of murder, kidnapping, rape and drug peddling. The violence will be distasteful to some, but the acting, writing and filming are exceptional. Season One contains six episodes which can be streamed on Netflix. The show has already been renewed for a second season.

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