April 23, 2021

Book Beat: The Fault In Our Stars

I try to keep track of the YA (Young Adult) bestsellers and the book that everyone has been raving about is “The Fault In Our Stars,” a teenage tear-jerker by John Green which was recently released as a movie adaptation.

As I picked up the newly purchased trade paperback, I dared the book to be as good as the hype. Well, not only is the writing great, but there is actual humor in the portrayal of illness due in no small part to the feisty lead characters, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. Thyroid cancer, amputation and breathing with an oxygen tank are not topics that readily draw one to a book, but Hazel and Gus are unforgettable as they encounter every indignity with snarky humor and a ragged grace.

Is this the current day “Catcher In the Rye,” as some have suggested? Only time will tell, but for now, this is a slim yet potent volume that teenagers and adults alike can enjoy. Green has five other books which just may find a place on my night stand.

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