April 21, 2021

Expired Passport Almost Dashes Travel Plans

Have you ever had a trip scheduled only to realize a week before departure that your passport is expired? I wore this figurative dunce cap last fall after I had booked flights for my husband and me to Barcelona, secured airbnb accommodations and even purchased some entertainment tickets. How could I have made elaborate travel plans while forgetting to check our passports? Funny, but several people have sheepishly admitted that they did the very same thing, at least once in their lives.

Ed Tracy (Denise McGowan’s husband) recommended a company on Randolph Street, east of Michigan Avenue. It was with relief that we found ourselves in the condo-like Metropolitan Express Passport and Visa office with assurances that they could get our travel documents before our departure. Government entities had given us no hope of getting our passports renewed in time, so this was indeed “hail Mary” news.
The young Chinese woman that patiently and efficiently helped us through this paperwork ordeal was Lily Chou. The fees for their service and the expedited passports was expensive, $278 for two of us, but much cheaper than scrubbing our trip.

We gave Metropolitan Express 3 or 4 days to expedite our passports, but their web site says they can do it in 24 hours if necessary. They handle visas as well and have an email tracking system so you can check your application status.

This will be the last time I make this error in travel-planning, but thank heavens for expediting companies like Metropolitan Express Passport and Visa that reconnoiter the red tape so that you can still pack your bags and wing it to your travel destination. I might use them to renew my passport again just to avoid the aggravation of crazy-making government settings.

Metropolitan Express Passport and Visa
400 E. Randolph Street, Suite 3529
Chicago, IL 60601
Tel: (312)388-8472

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