March 5, 2021

Jaume Plensa Statues in Millenium Park

Photos by Elizabeth Doyle

Have you wondered what those new “head” statues are in Millennium Park?
To celebrate the park’s 10th anniversary, Jaume Plensa, the Barcelona sculptor who created Crown Fountain with it’s two facing towers spitting water from the mouthes of 1,000 alternating LED facial images, was asked to add to his famous attraction. The result was “1004 Portraits,” four gigantic heads of young girls on loan from the artist, three in the Boeing Gallery near the Fountain and a large white head serenely gracing the park entrance at Madison Street and Michigan Avenue.

Plensa used Barcelona girls from age 7 to 14 years for the four sculptures, capturing their portraits by laser scanner and then using 3-D modeling to flatten and stretch the images. The three girls on the ledge overlooking the Fountain are 20 to 23 feet tall, made of cast iron and bear the names “Laura,” “Paula” and “Ines.” “Looking Into My Dreams, Awilda,” the alabaster girl by herself is made of marble, resin and fiberglass.

The Plensa heads will grace Millenium Park until December 2015 so you have the opportunity to see them in all seasons.

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