March 5, 2021

Battleground on Hulu and Alpha House Season 2 on Amazon

In the afterglow of the recent elections, if you need a bit of the hair of the dog that bit ya’, you may want to laugh your way through two political series currently on streaming services.

“Battleground” on Hulu is a mockumentary comedy-drama about the staffers who work to elect a female U. S. Senate candidate from Madison, Wisconsin. It was Hulu’s first attempt at scripted original programming, premiering online on February 2012. These 13 episodes really capture the personal conflicts and pressures of a political campaign while making you laugh at how close this satire is to real life. The show is available on Hulu and does not require membership in Hulu Plus.

Amazon Prime continues the political zaniness with Season 2 of “Alpha House,” a show featuring four Republican Senators who share a home in our nation’s capital. The new episodes tickle the funny bone with topics such as gay marriage, “conceal and carry” gun ownership, homosexuality in the military and Swift-boating opponents in ads made with money from conservative PACs (the fictitious Watt brothers appear via camera-laden drones to Senator Gil John Biggs played by John Goodman.) Mark Consuelos (married in real life to Kelly Ripa) plays Senator Andy Guzman, a sex-addicted Hispanic congressman who does not speak Spanish. Clark Johnson as African-American Senator Robert Bettencourt and Matt Malloy as Mormon Senator Louis Laffer Jr. complete the hilarious quartet of D. C. room-mates.

Is it any wonder that this series is hysterically funny with Gary Trudeau of “Doonesbury” fame as the creator and writer? Supporting roles and cameos made by the likes of Amy Sedaris, Wanda Sykes, Bill Murray and Penn Jillette don’t hurt either. Withdrawal from the political season has never been this painless.

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