April 23, 2021

Green Pan: the Healthier Way to Cook Without Fat

My cookware with non-stick coating was starting to look very suspect with some of the aluminum showing through. A friend recommended something called the Original Green Pan with Thermolon, a ceramic non-stick surface.

The 10 inch pan I bought features an ergonomic stay-cool bakelite handle and a white ceramic interior. The body of the pan is still aluminum, but the coating will not blister, peel or emit fumes even if you accidentally use a higher temperature. Most foods will evenly cook on low to moderate heat however. Clean-up is a snap as food does not seem to adhere to the surface.

One down-side is that olive oil is not recommended for use with the Green Pan products. Then again, you don’t need oil to cook most items. If you absolutely insist upon cooking with some moisture, I would recommend using beef, chicken or vegetable broth. You can use that tablespoon of olive oil on your salad!

Products include fry pans, sauce pans and bakeware with more upscale lines available with multilayer stainless steel. You can also choose your pan surface according to your food choices: flat for protein rich items like eggs, dimpled for fish and vegetables and raised-ribbed for meat and poultry.

As an added green feature, the Green Pan Company uses up-cycled stainless steel and aluminum in the manufacture of their cookware products.

Green Pan culinary product lines are sold throughout the world. In the US, you can find them at places like Macy’s, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s, JCPenney, Sur La Table, West Elm and online through Amazon.


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