April 23, 2021

HBO GO and Game of Thrones

  My cable provider, AT & T finally got me to bite the bullet on HBO GO by offering me three free trial months of service. Thus far, I am ecstatic.

I just binge-watched Season 4 of Game of Thrones before Season 5 starts this weekend. I could rhapsodize at length at how good this show is, but let me just say that this is quite possibly the best thing on cable right now.

Now mind you, I couldn’t get into The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. I unsuccessfully tried to read George R. R. Martin’s first book, his 1996 “A Game of Thrones,  the basis for this show, so I was not hopeful about liking the series. How wrong I was. Multiple story lines, intriguing characters and stunning production values keep me absolutely riveted from episode to episode.

Looking at my viewing habits, I decided to drop the “DVD in the mail” service from Netflix while keeping and enjoying the streaming function. I am also reviewing my need for Hulu Plus while not yet cutting that service. The cable companies and networks appear to be fashioning a new a la carte menu for TV viewing which will be offered later this year. However the industry shakes out, HBO will definitely now be on my wish list, especially if they keep Game Of Thrones in play.

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