April 23, 2021

Last Man On Earth TV Show

Sit-coms are not my favorite genre of television show, but I accidentally watched the first episode of Fox TV’s “The Last Man On Earth” with Saturday Night Live funny man, Will Forte. I must admit that I laughed at the silly humor and the fresh take on what happens after an apocalypse. The year is 2020 and Phil Miller (Forte) thinks he is the last surviving male on the planet. Just as he is about to commit suicide, he sees smoke.
The fire belongs to a most eccentric and annoying woman, Carol Pilbasian, played by the brilliant Kristen Schaal, who for my money, is the best thing on the show. She reminds me of the late, great Imogene Coca in her zany facial expressions and mannerisms. Carol coerces Phil into marrying her so he can have sex and she can have legitimate children. Don’t worry. It makes wacky sense as you watch the show.

The plot thickens as former real estate agent Melissa Shart (played by January Jones from my hometown in South Dakota) shows up and makes Phil regret his matrimonial plunge. But wait, another man shows up: Todd, a very sweet man who has a bit of a weight problem. Phil is horrified as Melissa falls for the second man on earth. That’s as far as I have gotten in the series, but each episode has injected a new twist, and I have high expectations  that the show will continue to keep my attention.

There is literally “toilet humor,” and sex talk so I was surprised that this is a Fox show, but I have to hand it to the producers for creating a comedy show that is like nothing else on television right now. There is no laugh track and the outdoor shooting gives this a drama feel, but make no mistake, laughs are the goal of this show. Noel Coward this is not, but rather the humor of “40 Year Old Virgin” or “Something About Mary.” If that suits you, tune in on Fox or catch episodes on Hulu.

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