April 23, 2021

PRE BEEF – the Better Red Meat

I generally avoid tons of red meat, but my South Dakota origins pop through every so often and compel me to find good burger meat or a juicy steak. Lucky thing that I ran across a special meat purveyor called PRE BEEF available at Chicagoland grocery stores such as Treasure Island, Mariano’s and Potash.

In distinctive green packaging, the company brags that you can really see the meat before you buy it. The package bears such phrases as 46% less calories, 68% less fat, grass fed, and no added hormones or antibiotics. New Zealand was listed as the product origin with processing in the US and a Chicago company as distributor, but the web site indicates they use cattle ranchers from all over the world who will adhere to their high green standards.

I bought a scrumptious beef tenderloin steak which was labelled 23 grams of protein, 90 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids and 135 milligrams of CLA (conjugated linoleum acid) which may help lower body fat. All of these statistics are nice, but how about the taste?  My husband and I both agreed that this was the best tasting meat we have had in a long time. The prices are reasonable as well. Ding, ding, ding. This is my new brand of beef when I get the cave woman urge.

The steak cuts available are ribeye, strip, sirloin and tenderloin with the last two being ones that I can personally endorse. Ground beef comes in 15%, 8% and 5% fat and I can’t wait to try them out on my patio grill when quixotic Chicago weather accommodates.

The products are available throughout the Chicago area, but the company is expanding to other states. If these meat products sound good to you, please ask your local grocery store to stock PRE BEEF. You will be doing yourself and your neighbors a big favor!



  1. Carolyn D. says

    Their marketing team is horrific. I would never in a million years buy their products no matter how good it might be. I won’t go into detail about why their marketing has issues, but I will say that they have a very young team that is led by someone who has no problem lying to people who try their products. They are just bad news and I hope Chicagoans don’t fall for their bs.

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