April 21, 2021

The Girl On the Train: Current Fiction Thriller

The thriller book du jour appears to be “The Girl On the Train” by Paula Hawkins. I gauge how popular a book is by how long the public library makes me wait for it. I requested this popular work of fiction at the beginning of the year and finally received a copy which I literarily inhaled.

I was reminded of last season’s fiction hit, “Gone Girl” which was also a page-turner. And “The Girl On the Train” is a compelling read. Three women give journal-like entries to the lead-up, occurrence and aftermath of a murder. The entries are not always in chronological order with the crucial scenes being held back until the latter part of the novel. The alcoholic heroine passes a home along the train tracks of her daily London commute and becomes intrigued with the good-looking couple that lives there. As luck would have it, this seemingly ideal couple lives down the street from her ex-husband and his new wife and child. Complications ensue as we get to know the cast of characters.

This isn’t great literature, but the writing is descriptive and the plot keeps you reading just “one more page.” Come to think of it, this would be perfect train or bus reading fare if you are not similarly addicted to people-watching during your journey.  A film adaptation surely must be in the works. I can just imagine the movie billboard now, seen from my red line train window.

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