April 21, 2021

Chasing Life TV show on Netflix

I had never heard of Chasing Life, a television drama that premiered on the ABC Family channel in 2014 until I recently saw it listed as one of Netflix’s new releases. The main character is diagnosed with cancer so this may not seem like a big entertainment draw, but something in the show logo with a lemon-filled coffin and the tag line “Cancer sucks” piqued my curiosity. Good thing because these twenty episodes swept me into the world of April Carver, journalist, daughter, sister, friend and someone with leukemia.

There are serious moments, but there is also witty dialogue and story arcs that cleverly intertwine. Italia Ricci playing April has a quirky coterie of family, friends and colleagues. Her therapist mother (Mary Page Keller) drives her crazy; her rebellious sister Brenna (Haley Ramm) is always in trouble; her darling grandmother (Rebecca Schull) says the most biting things with an angelic look on her face. Her estranged uncle (Steven Weber) ends up being her initial cancer doctor. Steppenwolf actor, Tom Irwin, plays her dead father in flashbacks.

To be honest, this show might appeal more to women as I liken it to Gilmore Girls and Felicity with a dash of A Fault In Our Stars.  It has a soap opera quality in that there is always something happening to these characters – April’s sister falls for another girl at school, April learns she has an illegitimate half sister who starts dating her ex-boyfriend, April starts dating a guy from her cancer-support group. This is drama with a capital D.

Chasing Life is actually an American remake of a Mexican tv series called Terminales and ABC Family has renewed the English version for a second season which will premiere August 17, 2015.  Mothers, this might be something to watch with your daughters. Girls, make dad some brownies and he might just join you.

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