April 23, 2021

iZombie: Guilty Pleasure TV

I was having dinner with friends recently and one of the men sheepishly admitted that he was watching a zombie show. “The Walking Dead?,” I asked.  “No, a really silly but fun show called iZombie.”  I started laughing because I too have fallen under the spell of this CW series developed by Rob Thomas and his wife, Diane Ruggiero-Wright. They had previously worked together on the cult show Veronica Mars, so I had high hopes for this new tv series.  I have not been disappointed.

Loosely based upon a DC Comics book series, iZombie is targeting a younger television audience, but older viewers may find this highly entertaining when they need lighter tv fare.

Rose McIver plays Liv Moore, a medical school resident who becomes infected by a zombie at a boat party and wakes up with white hair, very pale skin and a voracious hunger for human brains. She gets a job at a morgue working with Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti (actor Rahul Kohl) who is the only one who initially knows she is now a zombie. Liv dumps her boyfriend, Major Lilywhite (the handsome Robert Buckley) so she does not infect him. If Liv eats the brains of murder victims, she can frequently view their last moments, thereby giving salient clues to Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin,) a Seattle PD detective. And what would a cartoonish show be without a villain or two? Enter Blaine DeBeers (played by David Anders), a drug dealer turned zombie and Vaughn Du Clark (Steven Weber,) the CEO of Max Rager, an energy drink company that may be contributing to the zombie epidemic. Whew!

If you enjoyed Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Veronica Mars, this may be your cup of tea or plate of brains rather.

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