April 21, 2021

MHZ Networks in Transition

I have written about MHZ Networks before, but they are in transition so I thought I’d keep Foreign Crime TV fans updated. The launch of all-new MHZ Choice, a paid subscription service does not happen until the fall, but this summer you can catch some free programs on the MHZ Networks site that are hard to find elsewhere.


Right now, in the full episodes section of the MHZ web site, one can “catch up” on episodes of The Legacy from the producers of the popular Danish series Borgen, the Norwegian thriller Codename Hunter, the Swedish kidnapping drama Medicine Man starring Mikael Persbrandt (Gunvald Larsson on Beck) and The Talisman from the team that created the original Wallander and Hamilton tv shows.


The MHZ site offers a free month if you sign up for updates about its Fall 2015 launch. To be sure, the American market for foreign-language crime drama tv programs is a niche market, but the demographic contains people who are well-traveled, literate and discerning purchasers of entertainment and various products and services. No es verdad?


An article on  Acorn.TV will be forthcoming as they continue to add interesting new television fare to their subscription model.

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