April 21, 2021

Witnesses (French tv) and Deutschland 83 (German tv)


Netflix just added an engaging French detective series called Witnesses (Témoins) starring Thierry Lhermitte who plays former police chief Paul Maisonneve as he investigates a series of murders in a village on the north coast of France. He is aided by detectives Justin (Jan Hammenecker) and Sandra (Marie Dompnier) who discover that Maisonneuve is implicated in the murders.

Sundance TV dipped their toe into sub-titled programming with the French series, “The Returned” (Les Revenants) and now are trying their luck with “Deutschland 83” in German. Set in the Reagan era before the fall of the Berlin Wall, the series follows a young East German soldier who is commandeered to infiltrate Western military interests for Stasi, the infamous East German intelligence service. Based on two episodes, I can say that the mixture of pop music from the 80s and the high production values make this a series worth watching. It marks the first time a U. S. network has broadcast a German-language dramatic series. (However, MHZ, the independent, non-commercial education broadcaster has previously featured several German-language dramatic series on PBS-affiliated stations and on their web site.)

Don’t get me wrong, there are many television programs I watch in English, but if you are curious about the world, watching tv programs from other countries is the next best thing to actually traveling there. If you can get used to the sub-titles, It’s a dandy way to brush up on your contemporary foreign language knowledge while being entertained by excellent dramatic television fare.

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