April 21, 2021

Metacritic, when you want to know what the critics think

If you want to see how your favorite new or old show is doing with the critics, you may want to check out Metacritic, a media site that compiles critical reviews of television shows, movies, music and computer games.

Metacritic rates the various media on a scale of 100 with 61 to 100 being good to great, 40 to 60 being so-so and 39 or under in the stinkeroo category. This weeks Metacritic tv list has Grace of Monaco as a bomb at 39, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! at a “just okay” 53 and Tig: Season 1 topping the list with a favorable 89. If numbers are too much for you, green is good, yellow is “meh” and red is “avoid at all costs.”

Movies use the same number/color format and are listed by whats in the theaters now and what’s available on DVD/Blu-ray. Games are listed by what device you use such as Xbox One, PC or iphone/ipad.

The critical quotes become even handier for the music category. As an example, Wilco’s recent album “Star Wars” gets a 100 score from The Independent in the UK with this to say: “Even by Wilco’s adventurous standards, Star Wars is possibly the most unusual, exploratory work of the band’s existence.”

There is also a features category that has current topics like the 2014-15 TV Season Scorecard which lists which shows have been renewed or dropped, what to watch now on Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, what movies you should see this weekend and a list of the Emmy nominations.

My take is this: one critic may be wrong, but ten or more just may be able to steer you to the unmissable hit. Or keep you from spending time or money on a real turkey.


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