April 23, 2021

Jambox speaker by Jawbone

If you just read my article on iRealPro, you may want to consider Jambox by Jawbone, a reliable, portable speaker that will allow you to feel like the drums and bass are in the room with you as you sing or play.

Jawbone makes portable fitness trackers and headphones, but I recommend them for this dandy speaker that someone gave us as a gift. It’s the perfect little addition to your bag when you want to hook up your iphone, iPad or other device and get impressive sound on the fly. When not in my travel bag, I keep the speaker in my kitchen so I can listen to NPR or musical selections from itunes or the web.

The speaker can be wireless using Bluetooth or wired using the included cable. If you keep the device charged, you do not need access to power. The speaker has a hard rubber-like construction so it can take some knocks. There are two sizes available for $149.99 and $299.99. Jambox is my travel buddy!



  1. Firstly, thanks for the picture of Paul,s bald head. Second, I also own the Jambox, I you are correct, it is a surprisingly good speaker. I have recently bought the Jambox Mini, which is smaller and cheaper. Great to take anywhere.
    I also had a close encounter with Tony Bennet when I worked/lived in NYC. I went to his gallery showing. Terrific painter. Wonderful dresser and a very nice man. He is a treasure.
    Love your blog. Take care, be well,


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