April 21, 2021

Orphan Train, best selling book

A mixture of historical fiction and Little House On the Prairie, author Christina Baker Kline has been riding the best seller book charts with her emotionally engaging novel, Orphan Train. The book is based on a true historical event where orphans were literally farmed out to families in the Midwest.

We are introduced to a 91 year old woman who was one of those displaced children but has kept her past a secret. She hires a troubled teenager who is a Penobscot Indian and floating through the present-day foster care system to help her sift through her attic.  A friendship arises between them which allows both women to exorcise the past and find more emotionally satisfying views of their lives.

While technically considered young adult fiction, Orphan Train might please anyone wanting to know more about orphans of the past and present. A movie about orphan trains was released in 1979, but Kline’s moving story should be given its own time on the big screen.

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