April 23, 2021

Alan Bergman turns 90

I had the distinct pleasure of sharing a stage with Alan Bergman back in 1998. He was in town to see his musical Queen of the Stardust Ballroom which was being produced at Lincolnshire Marriott. He wrote the lyrics for the musical with his wife Marilyn Bergman along with composer Billy Goldenberg and bookwriter Jerome Kass.

He graciously agreed to emcee and perform in a showcase of new musical material sponsored by the Theater Building and presented at the Arts Club. Although it was exciting to have Mr. Bergman introduce me to the audience, it was even more gratifying to see him perform his own material. His slow and emotionally engaging version of The Windmills of Your Mind was unforgettable.

After the show, I raced to my regular vocal job at the Pump Room. Who should arrive to catch a set but Alan Bergman and his accompanist.

Happy birthday to an impeccable lyricist and gracious individual!


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