April 21, 2021

Raja’s Cup: the anti-oxidant coffee substitute

The jittery feeling I get from real coffee necessitated finding some beverage substitutes. Decaf and herbal teas are acceptable, but I still craved that bitter coffee taste.

I discovered Raja’s Cup, a coffee substitute that can be brewed like coffee grounds or with individual tea bags. The resulting beverage can be served plain or with milk and sweetener. I love it “black,” but for a richer, creamier hot drink, I add unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Not only does the beverage taste good, but it contains anti-oxidant ayurvedic herbs and is absolutely caffeine-free. The box states that the ingredients are all natural and non-irradiated, contain no artificial coloring or additives and the company uses non-chlorinated paper. Manufactured by the Maharishi Ayurvedic company, the box has the letters VPK in the logo, standing for the ayurvedic terms vata, pitta and kapha.

I have not found a store that carries the products, so ordering it on-line or by telephone are the only options I can suggest. Check out the Maharishi Ayurvedic web site for other supplements, foods and products. My tea kettle is whistling so excuse me while I make some Raja’s Cup.

The Maharishi Ayurvedic site:           


The page for Raja’s Cup:


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