April 21, 2021

Finding Carter on MTV and Hulu

Now before you dismiss a show on MTV as being too young for your demographic, I would counter by saying that Finding Carter may be your ticket to understanding teenagers today.

The pilot opens with a high school-age girl suddenly finding out the woman she thought was her mother kidnapped her at age 3 from her original family. The teenager is reunited with her real parents, a younger brother and her twin sister. The cast of characters is fleshed out with her old boyfriend Max, her new bad-boy friend Crash, her frenemies Bird, Gabe and Ofe. Did I mention the mother she is getting to know is a police detective having an affair with her work partner? Her father is a less-than-successful author? Carter’s over-bearing grandparents are continually bailing the family out monetarily? Grandma is none other than actress Meredith Baxter from Family Ties?

The story lines are ripped right out of today’s headlines. Be forewarned that this is a soap opera so everyone makes bad choices, cheats, lies and generally creates as much drama as possible. What else do you want for easy-on-the-brain entertainment that tackles some serious issues nonetheless?

Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Hulu. If you have a teenager, this might be the perfect thing to watch with them. Or just to merely get a glimpse of current youth culture, if those teenagers had at least one cliff hanger per day.

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