April 21, 2021

Jo starring Jean Reno on Hulu

Hulu just added some new television fare including Jo starring French film actor Jean Reno as Detective Jo St-Clair in Paris. This show is no better than most American police procedurals but it has several things going for it. The cinematography features iconic Parisian locales and guest stars include Leslie Caron, Geraldine Chaplin and Sam Waterston.
The production team is Canadian, French and Belgian with the dialogue predominantly in English. Jean Reno (Leon: The Professional, The DaVinci Code, Godzilla, Ronin), speaks English with a very heavy French accent but that only seems to add to his charm. Even though it’s set in Paris, the actors strangely seem to be going for American accents. Show regulars include Jill Hennessy as a nun friend of Jo’s and Irish actress Orla Brady from the Inspector Lynley series as his police boss.

Jo doesn’t hold a candle to the first season of Wallander now also available on Hulu, but you might find this show amusing, especially with those shots of Paris. Zut alors!

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