April 23, 2021

Room, Novel by Emma Donoghue

A fellow book-lover recommended 2010’s Room by Emma Donoghue, yet another bestseller that has been adapted for the big screen and is currently in the movie theaters.

Written from the point of view of a five year old who has been confined to one room with his mother since birth, we slowly see what their daily lives are like and why they are in this small space. I don’t want to be termed a spoiler so I will merely say that the situation is based on a true news story.

Donoghue’s writing is so compelling that you will find the book hard to put down. She also skillfuly depicts the thoughts of a child who has had a most eccentric upbringing.

If you have plans to see the movie, starring Chicagoans Joan Allen and William H. Macy, do yourself a favor and read the book first.

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