March 4, 2021

River tv series on Netflix

It seems to be all the rage to have detectives that have quirks or eccentricities, but Detective John River played by Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard has a full blown mental problem. He sees and hears people who are dead. Nicola Walker plays his late partner, DS Stevie Stevenson who appears to him throughout the investigation of her murder.

This is not a “tea cozy” murder mystery, but more akin to the harder-edged series Prime Suspect or Broadchurch.  There are lighter moments when DI River sings karaoke disco songs but even that activity brings an emotional bang at the end of the six episode series. This excellent British program premiered on the BBC but was picked up by Netflix in November 2015. If you get into the dark mood of the series, you may find yourself wanting to watch “just one more.”

Also worth noting is Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgard’s command of the English language. He and his son Alexander who has played Erick Northman on HBO’s True Blood speak with almost no discernible accent. Those Scandinavians, in general, speak like English is their first language. So impressive!

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